.Net Magazine - Issue 186

net186cover130I answered the “Big Question” in this months .net magazine.You can view the original post here.What do you see as the key ways to attract visitors to your site in 2009?If I were to coin a phrase to sum up my ‘09 web hopes, it would be “One bite and you’re hooked”. It’s what I call zombie content. The days of people just expecting to have a good user experience is so last week. 2009 is all about making it personal.So how would I use this principle to attract more visitors? Well that’s simple. Make it easy for someone to be part of your content. Embed common services such as Facebook Connect, OAuth or Open ID. Bridge the gap between a user’s personal online world and yours. It’s a surefire way of pulling them in.If you’re selling stuff, the zombie principle applies even more! Attract and encourage a higher order value by making sure that you have both personal and relevant offers. Don’t just discount blindly, give them a generous deal if they commit more. Entice them in, make it compelling. It should only take one bite.And most basic, but incredibly relevant right now – always listen to visitors and act on their advice. Getting your customers recommending your site is the most powerful business generator imaginable.