writing a book

Come write with me!

Hello creative person!By reading this you have already passed the first test, you're a smart cookie. So why not take it a stage further by joining forces with me to write a book! Yes a book!My latest harebrained scheme brilliant idea is to write, produce, and market an e-book, which will be freely downloadable, or we can ask for a small optional contribution to a charity. I would like to licence our creation under a creative commons licence and provide it in multiple formats, access to this work should not be restricted.The grand aim here is to get 12 like-minded and creative people together from the field of IT and pool some talent. 12 seems a nice number, and the goal is for each of us to ‘own’ a chapter. Your chapter can be about anything that’s close to your heart, but lets keep it IT related please.As a guide chapters should be in the order of 2000 – 3000 words but feel free to write as you see fit.I am planning to write a chapter on e-commerce detailing the pros / cons and some opportunities for businesses looking to get into the market.What do you get out of this?The main aim of this is enjoyment, getting together and doing something creative with some other smart people is the primary goal. However, I am a pragmatist and each contributor will get a chance to pimp either themselves or their company.So, what do we need?Lots:* 12 11 writers – one for each chapter* Proof readers* A great speaker for the audio book* Someone creative for direction (cover, logo, website etc)* Hosting* Social networking junkies to pimp itIf you are interested please get in touch (or leave a comment), also if you have a friend or associates that would be interested in getting involved feel free to forward this link on.