Argh, I am in a state of permanent 404! In a moment of pure confusion Benny Hill would be proud of my ADSL connection has been switched off by Zen Internet. Yep, switched off, cancelled, gestoppt, arrêté all because I requested my MAC code.

Aside the obvious inconvenience of not having an essential service for a web developer that works at home three days a week it simply amazed me at the total reliance I have on having a reliable net connection. It didn’t really dawn on me until this morning when my daughter’s favorite program ‘Dora the Explorer’ failed to record on the TV, my tv (powered by XP Media Center) failed to download the latest tv listing. My essential ‘Gears of War’ deathmatch I had booked with my friend in Scotland scheduled for this evening has been postponed, and the final insult being Sainsbury’s failing to turn up with our shopping.

This is only day two of having no ADSL, goodness knows what will happen by the time I finally get my new connection turned on.

If anyone is interested I have signed up with, they are constantly highly rated in the reviews and the price / bandwidth equation works out very nicely. I also like the idea of them, it’s a little like homebrew broadband, and about a million miles away from the shower that Zen Internet has become, however I could dedicate an entire post to that particular topic.