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iPhone - X Clock app review

Here is the deal, on @EJDyer's side of the bed she has a cool DAB radio, on my side of the bed I have an iPhone dock. I use my iPhone for everything from web surfing, email the occasional phone call and now as a bedside clock / alarm.However the standard iPhone clock is frankly a little crud, so in my pursuit for time keeping excellence I have bought a fair few clock apps from iTunes, I will endevor to review a few for you, starting off with X Clock:X Clock 2.0 - 59p29031X Clock, and the version I am reviewing here is 2.0. It displays a large analogue, digital or textual clock on your iPhone. The app has 3 different animated backgrounds (which you can turn off) which I initially found rather annoying, but now they are quite relaxing, especially at night.The app will align in either horizontal or vertical mode, which is a little lost when its in a dock, but its a nice touch. The clock display itself is very clear, and you can even change the display color, again a nice touch.Xclock also comes with sleep mode, which allows the app to stay on overriding the phones 'Energy saver' or sleep mode, this is essential for a phone app.Its a great clock, however there are also some downsides I am hoping the developers will address in the next updates. I would really like to see an alarm clock, at the moment I have to use the standard phone alarm clock, thats just annoying. Also, screen brightness adjustment would be a nice touch, often the iPhone is too bright to have a few foot away from your head.For 59p its great value for money.7 / 10Screenshots: