Laptop - Sponsor update

I really wanted to thank everyone who has expressed an interest in the sponsor my laptop program for Brest Cancer Care.Admittedly, sponsoring my laptop is pretty uninspiring for some, however I am amazed at the money this has raised, now over £500, with 8 people or companies donating. A number of people who have donated have also asked to be anonymous, so thank you.So, the companies who have so far sponsored my laptop are:sunstartupessentials_logo51308previewSun Microsystems - Start Up EssentialsThe Sun Startup Essentials program is designed specifically to help startups get off the ground rapidly and at lower cost. The program consists of discounted or free products and services designed with startups in mind. In addition a quick application and online catalogue delivers what you need fast.I would like to thank Stewart Townsend for this excellent donation to Brest Cancer Care. I met Stewart (albeit very briefly) at FOWA this year and its quite clear the guys 'n gals at Sun are some of the most passionate supporters of tech startups.I know there are a few of you reading this that could probably do with talking to Stewart and his team, so get in touch with him via mail or Twitter.moleendMole End - Plug ins for Actinic eCommerceMole End Software create software to work with Actinic's range of e-commerce products, yes, the very same Actinic I work for.Mole End have loads of Plug ins for Actinic, everything ranging from product feeds for the most popular e-channels to Order Processing. I have been using some of these products myself and they are simply brilliant, if you are an Actinic store owner I advise you to check out Jan's products.If you want to know more about Mole End or have questions regarding extending Actinic you should get in touch with Jan or follow her on Twitter.logo_topPaganum - Online Farmers MarketI dont know about you guys, but right now I could murder a decent steak! Well if your hungry, there is just one place you should go, Paganum Online Farmers Market.Paganum is an online farmers market supplying meat and produce from family farms and small artisan firms in the Yorkshire Dales direct to the consumer and trade outlets.Quality Mail order meat, butchered using traditional methods here in Skipton the Gateway to the Yorkshire Dales and shipped direct to you in chilled packaging by guaranteed next day courier.Heather Mitchell and Chris Wildman started Paganum produce in 2007 to bring quality local produce from the farm direct to the door, they are based in Kirkby Malham, Near Skipton in the Yorkshire Dales.They have an amazing selection of products, perfect for Christmas, you should get in touch or follow Chris on Twitter.Thanks once again to the three above excellent companies, they are making a significant and meaningful difference to the lives of people affected by breast cancer. Also those of you who have donated individually or wish to remain anonymous your all hero's.Follow these people on Twitter:Stewart Townsend - Sun - Essential Start upsJan Strassen - Mole EndChris Wildman - Paganum - Online farmers MarketIf you are interested in taking part and raising some cash for Brest Cancer Care, the original posts are here and here, just get in touch, make a donation and send me a sticker!Ben x