.Net Magazine - Issue 183

net183cover130Awesome, a triple helping of .net love this month!I answered the "Big Question" in this months .net and Chris Barling (Friend, Boss and Actinic CEO) is in there discussing what makes good customer relations.In fact .net this month is a great read, with Ben Huh (ICANHAZ) making a nice appearance.Available in all good news outlets now :)Anyway, the Big Question:What was the best site/app you came across in 2008?There are already a lot of sites and apps that are so good that they have become part of the fabric of online life, and this year a further influx has jumped onto my ‘must visit list’. However, for me there is only one clear winner, which is the Twitter search app, formally known as Summize.Twitter search is fantastic for research - who is talking about who, what and when. But its core power lies in real time and this, for me, was illustrated at The Future of Web Apps conference. A search for FOWA not only provided the latest rock star developer sightings, but also real-time opinions on the various topics and speakers. The result is powerful and empowering, at least until the famous Fail Whale turns up.