2009 web issues

.Net Magazine - Issue 185

.netI answered the "Big Question" in this months .net magazine.You can view the original post here.What will be the main issues affecting the net in 2009?The first thing that springs to mind is Net neutrality. President-elect Obama has promised to uphold this neutrality and there’s already a relevant bill hanging around in the US Congress. However, getting any airtime given the mutual economic mess is likely to prove difficult.Secondly, money is now tight, so there’s much less grace for ‘beta’ stage online businesses. Quite rightly innovation has been allowed to run riot for a few years, but now investors are desperate for a return. This coupled with a slowdown in advertising spending will push companies to explore alternative revenue sources and they’ll have to become more creative. Even so, I fear that many much-loved e-businesses will prove a light snack for the big beasts, or vanish altogether.