Twoogling, goodbye HMV and a Google mobile: Predictions for 2010

I don’t know about you, but for me 2009 has been a very interesting year. Looking back to this time 12 months ago it’s amazing how quickly the pace of business and technology has kept up. So, in my last post of the year I would like to make my 2010 predictions!Small business2010 is an election year, and while governments of both sides are playing the prudence card I believe this election will be good news for small businesses. Both major parties are looking for obvious cost savings and thankfully the fattened calf of bureaucracy is looking like a slow and easy to hit target. What’s more, whoever inherits the keys to 10 and 11 Downing Street has five years of hunting behind the sofa for loose change, so I expect both parties to be promoting themselves as fiercely pro enterprise, today’s one man band is tomorrows multinational. Supporting small business with low cost tax breaks and incentives for innovation and entrepreneurship will help everyone, unless you’re in traditional retail.The traditional retailer, a.k.a bricks ‘n mortarNot good I am afraid; my crystal ball grows murky at the thought of what’s in store for the traditional retailer. If you managed to survive 2009 well done, if your business grew that’s exceptional and if you haven’t already I suggest you break open that bottle of Black Tower you were saving for Christmas.I am afraid I am going to predict even tougher times and I fully expect another major retailer going to the dogs, HMV is an obvious worry. However I don’t think its all bad news, 2010 is going to be the year multi channel retail finally becomes an established. We are all so used to buying online, over the phone or even, shock horror, in a shop it will become a very common practice. Those that adopt will probably thrive. As small retailers continue to look at innovative ways of constraining cost and the technology is now available at a low cost it just makes sense.TechnologyPredicting technology trends is almost an impossible task, so I am going to be a little bold and predict four major happenings, and they are all going to be about Google so please excuse my indulgence. If I get one of these correct remember this is where you heard it first.Twitter will finally reveal its revenue plan. It will be hastily constructed on the side of some Swiss cheese then purchased by Google for a cut price deal.Google will face a huge mobile carrier revolt at the launch of its Nexus One Android device. The phone, which Google are rumoured to be selling direct and unlocked will finally challenge the status quo. The share price of HTC, the manufacturers of the Nexus One, will rocket, which will then be invested back into Google’s new real time messaging service Twoogle. We will all mock but slavishly use it.Google Chrome OS will launch, there will be lots of hype but little traction as the 95% of computer users who don’t understand what utility based cloud computing is (real people) suddenly realise Minesweeper and Solitaire have been left out of this slimed down window to the web. Google will panic, rebrand Android as Chrome Mobile, there will be lots of hype,’s website will crash under the traffic this post brings them.Steve Ballmer will be spotted Twoogling on a yet to be released Chrome Mobile device while holidaying on Thunderbird Island with Sergey Brin. When challenged, Steve will reveal himself (in Scooby Doo style) as none other than Bill Gates, the original investor in Google. The EU will spend £4bn in fax toner sending Bill the latest anti trust papers