What to Look For In an Ecommerce Store

The internet it full of ecommerce stores but how can you tell which one you should buy from? If you look out for certain components on the website you're buying from, it'll make it easier for you to spot a good web store from a bad one.Who are you buying from?The first question I always ask is ‘who am I buying from?’ If you shop in a traditional store you get a chance to see and speak to the shopkeeper; ecommerce stores should be no different. It’s a legal requirement for anyone trading online to publish the company address, but it’s also reassuring to see photos and read about the store’s history.Clear call to actionWhenever an ecommerce store wants you do something, it’s got to be obvious. Whether it’s putting something in your cart, viewing a close-up picture or comparing a product. This is especially important with payment pages; a checkout should be clear and as few stages as possible.No registrationA great ecommerce site will just let you buy and not make you create an account to do so. We all have so many usernames and passwords, do you really need another one just to shop at this store?Hidden extrasMake sure that the site has no hidden charges like +VAT pricing, unclear delivery costs, booking fees or credit card handling fees. If these costs aren’t clearly shown at the start of checkout or on the product pages, click away.