.Net Magazine - Issue 191

net191cover130I answered the Big Question in this months .net mag, thorny subject this time around, as ever making friends is always high on my agenda!You can find the original here.Is it ever okay for web designers to work for free?I know this isn’t going to make me popular, but let’s return to planet earth! Back here, our economy is in a mess, and the major banks, car manufactures, insurance companies, and many media companies are effectively bust. Money is tight, competition is fierce, cats and dogs are living together.With that in mind, does it make sense to work for free to win business? Err, I think so. Spec work isn’t evil. It’s competition. Its supporters are not the devil incarnate, they are pragmatists. I totally understand the argument. Spec work can destroy the beautiful relationship between client and designer, but then so does going out of business. The rest of the world has had to learn to adapt, and work leaner and more efficiently. Why should it be different for designers?