.Net Magazine - Issue 190

net190cover130Big Question time again, poor old pirates, original here.What are your thoughts on the Pirate Bay verdict?It’s been a bad time for pirates. If you’re not getting banged up for linking to a few movies, you’re scanning the horizon to see if the US Navy has their next target painted on you. I guess that there’s a sort of reaping of the whirlwind going on here.Really, though, I was a disappointed with the whole Pirate Bay affair. Having followed the case closely, I was half expecting the doors of the courtroom to burst open with pirates to the left and the right. Instead, the whole thing seems to have gone down with a whimper. I guess that retro pirates are the only ones engaging in proper skullduggery these days. While I can’t condone piracy, I also can’t help but root for the underdogs. The verdict seems a little suspect, especially as the judge appeared to have a conflict of interest. After all, he is a member of the Swedish copyright association. The hard-handed tactics and tough verdict are likely to strengthen pirate resolve. Expect a team member to be elected to the European Parliament as a protest.