.Net Magazine - Issue 188

net188cover130I answered the “Big Question” in this months .net magazine.You can view the original post here.What’s the most inspirational design you’ve seen recently?This year I have fallen in love with tea, finding out all about the different brews. In fact the whole web community seems to be tea crazy at the moment. Brew 2.0, anyone?To help get my perfect cup of char, I discovered a beautiful site from a company called Eteaket. In my view, the site is stunningly elegant, and gives a real master class in top end design.It’s also refreshing to see the blend (no pun intended) of great design with ecommerce. Of course, they provide detailed information about their products, but the site also presents a number of nice touches like their ‘Tea Wish’ feature, and the inside story on the tea life cycle. It makes me feel great about their offering, and it’s my pick of the year.