Sponsor my laptop

imagesFollowing the 1000 tweets for charity, I have have decided to continue the fundraising for Brest Cancer Care, especially as so many people have got in touch, its been really interesting talking to you all on Twitter.So, here is the next idea. Sitting on the train the other day I realised lots of people were looking at the stickers I have on the back of my laptop, currently:EmpressrAdobePHPDiggSoocial...and that got me thinking, this is great advertising for those guys, infact I know of a number of people that have signed up for Empressr and Soocial after checking out the stickers on my laptop. I have no idea how many people get to see my laptop on a weekly basis, but I am always on the Train, in various London cafes, meetings etc etc.Here is the deal, I will whore out the lid of my MacBook for a £15 / $15 / €15 for the life of either the sticker you send me or until I get a new machine. All you need to do is donate online and email me the thank you email return for proof and mail me a sticker through the post. I will also blog, vblog and rave about you and your company to everyone I bump into, and I do like a chat. ;)Simple hey, so lets do this thing.