.Net Magazine - Issue 180

I answered this months "Big Question" in .net magazine. If you could own a fictional robot, which would it be, and why?Original link: http://bit.ly/4cwMutI thought that this was pretty easy but unfortunately my three-year-old daughter vetoed my vote for a squad of Fembots. And despite a great set of PowerPoint slides on the benefits of machine gun jubblies, I’ve been over-ruled again. I realise I’m not supposed to opt for the obvious, but the Pixar marketing machine has meant that my entire household has fallen head over heels in love with Wall-E, and after initial resistance I’ve succumbed to the little chap too. Apart from the benefits of a tidy house and on-tap comedy, I guess that he’d go down well at dinner parties. Quite how I’d feel about this emotionally challenged Dyson look-alike after a few irritating months might be an altogether different thing.