Adobe MAX Barcelona '07- Day One Report

Better late than never, my Adobe MAX (Barcelona) report.

Day One

My thoughts on day one of the Adobe MAX conference, it’s proving to be a very interesting trip.

I don't think I've ever seen better large-scale presentations. The keynotes and general sessions were nothing short of spectacular; imagine an OSX desktop, but in triplicate, with super-high resolution, maybe 200 feet wide. Add whomping sound, interesting content, and 4000 fans of the product, and you've got a really nice event.

Day one has basically been made up of five sessions, with an evening break out where we have been able to meet the various speakers and technology evangelists. Its quite clear from the set up Adobe have here is they mean business, this MAX conference is there first large scale user meeting out of the US, and the Barcelona event is the biggest in the calendar.

Session One – Building RIA (Rich Internet Applications) with Dreamweaver CS3 – Hands on session

This session was a little bit of a let down for me, I had wanted to get on the Flex 3 RIA workshop but it was standing room only. We focused on building applications using the new CS3 platform with Coldfusion as an application platform. The new Coldfusion aspects are very interesting, and CF has some pretty cool advantages over traditional Microsoft dev environment. I have a tonne of notes on the subject and I will bore you if you so wish. One of the cool things we went though was the roadmap for the Spry add-ons for CS3, very interesting and very relevant as I use it everywhere.

Session Two – Keynote Session

This was brilliant, the Keynote session was in the main conference hall and had a range of speakers from technology experts. There was a awful lot of content in this session, thankfully its going to be on You Tube by tomorrow so I will send a link out.

The highlights of this session was Shantnu Narayen (Adobe CEO) talking about best practice for Service Oriented Architecture. The latest Netweaver platform has some very interesting enhancements from the version I saw from my day with SAP back in March. He also spoke about Adobe product natively supporting H.264 and Adobe connect (the web conferencing product to have H.323 support in the next release).

The highlight of this session for me was a demo of AIR, AIR is in effect a platform for developing for both the desktop as well as on and offline. He gave a tonne of examples including some brilliant applications Adobe have been developing with

We also saw a preview of Buzzword, Adobes online / offline SaaS word processor they will be chucking out for FREE very soon.

There were also lots of product previews that wont really interest you guys (Flex 3, The latest flash player, Hydra which is a image manipulation language).

One of the technology examples on display though this session was the SAP Briefing Book, built with AIR its pulling and pushing data from SAP with the some great UI and interaction options. I picked up some good tips for grabbing SAP data and reporting.

Session Three – Building Stunning Flex Applications

A good session didn’t really touch on the Open Source Flex 3 beta enough for my liking, but interesting enough. Really an eye candy session for Flex.

Session Four – Adobe Approach to Application Development

A very interesting talk from the head of future products at Adobe, demonstrated the Buzzword application as well at lost of sexy video and not particularly relevant but still cool stuff. Picked up some good tips and some interesting SaaS / SOA gossip. We also covered the lifecycle roadmap which was very interesting especially considering the DMS / E Signatures / Collaboration discussions I have been having of late. Also spoke about Adobe forms server and Documentum (no mention of E rooms though).

Session Five – Accenture presents Quick Document Builder for SAP

A very interesting product being sold by Accenture that currently only works for the HR module in SAP, but to be expanded very soon. I have a LOT of notes on this and I think it will be really interesting for those into SAP. I have the presentations from this session if anyone wants them, I would recommend you have a read. A little too sales orientated though, ROI was a keyword thoughout!

Breakout Session

A good chance to chat to the Adobe guys. A few interesting leads and brochures available for bedtime reading. I spent a long time talking to the Connect folk.

If there is anything you want me to check out let me know, some interesting links for you: – Adobe Labs, buzzword and examples here.