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I founded Powered Now, have run successful software companies, love the Isle of Wight and play terrible golf. Learn more about me or you can also sign up for my weekly newsletter (below).

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Yes, I’m blogging like its 2001. In a world of Social networks I wanted to break the norm and actually host my own site again.

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Things I like or support, the headlines!

I write a lot in my blog about technology, product management, startups and ecommerce. However life isn’t all about work.

  • I love the Isle of Wight, its home but having travelled a lot I struggle to find anywhere nicer…

  • …but I also love Naples, South West Florida and Budapest, so if I’m not at home I’ll probably be in one of those two places. Happy to answer any questions you might have.

  • I play golf, usually badly, my handicap is hovering around the 21 mark, need to find time to improve.

  • I love skiing, especially the French Alps.

  • Also a huge motorsports fan, anything competitive from F1, FE (its the future), Sports car to Stadium Super Trucks.

  • I’ve been involved in a bunch of charities, but the Isle of Wight Youth Trust is special to me. I was a Trustee for 5 years.

  • I’m a Tottenham Hotspur fan, this either endears me to you or not, your choice ;)

The Highlights

My friends call me Ben, here are the highlights so far:

‘94 - Left school at a tender age of 16, started an Electronic Engineering apprenticeship with BAE Systems (Siemens Plessey / British Aerospace)

'98 - Won BAE Systems Apprentice of the year, I’m very proud of that, ask to see my awesome watch.

‘00 - Moved to London and worked for British Sky Broadcasting, aka, SKY tv. We did some cool things with early digital TV.

‘01 - Worked for Xyratex, a MBO from IBM and now owned by Seagate. Ran the web team, then moved in to product and program management roles within the digital storage industry. Part of the team that floated on the NASDAQ.

‘03 - Got married to the love of my life EJ, fun fact, we were apprentices together back in the day.

‘05 - Daughter was born, life changing year!

‘08 - Went to work for Actinic Software to run their development team. Actinic (now Oxatis / SellerDeck) was the UKs largest E-Commerce software and services provider. Promoted to CEO in ‘10


‘12 - Founded my own business Powered Now, we build software for the Trade Industry. Raised three rounds of funding, Crowd, Angel, VC. Living startup life and all that entails.

‘13 - Won some awards, Crowdcube Startup of the Year, TNW Startup Rally, Startup 100. Hiscox interviewed me about this.

Recent Interviews

Be Heard - Episode 1

I had a great opportunity to be guest number one on Beth’s new Pod Cast series. Beth is an amazing pitch coach, if you are looking to start a business or raise money you should totally have a chat.

PHEX Tottenham

I spoke at PHEX Tottenham. My talk was about how digital is changing the Trade Industry, especially with MTD.